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      ISO12233:2014 eSFR解析度測試卡

      品牌◕•▩│:Sine Image
      型號◕•▩│:ISO12233:2014 eSFR

    ISO12233: 2014 eSFR resolution test card

      SineImage eSFR resolution test card with the software can automatically calculate several key image quality factors including sharpness, horizontal color, tone response, color reaction and noise.

      And the low contrast Edge SFR specification is fully compatible with the new standard ISO 12233: 2014 replaced by the 2000 standard, because the previous use of high-contrast test chart can easily lead to out of bounds or measurement errors, but also the lack of progressive group assessment system tone response, and Only a small number of features are available for automatic analysis.

      The SineImage eSFR resolution test card is designed based on the low contrast Edge SFR specification defined by ISO 12233: 2014.

      The test card has the following three versions:

      Standard Edition: Basic functionality

      Enhanced version: Added extra square, wedge and color pattern

      Extensions: Similar to the enhanced version, just extended to 16: 9 for HD movies and movies

      At present we are all inkjet printing production eSFR resolution test card, enhanced version is photographic mode printing. All Sine Image ISO12233: 2014 eSFR resolution test cards are fully compliant with ISO standards. Imatest's eSFR ISO module provides a highly automated test analysis test card.

      Standard Edition

      ISO12233:2014 eSFR解析度測試卡簡介

      SineImage eSFR解析度測試卡配合軟體可以自動計算幾個關鍵影象質量因素包括銳度▩↟↟•、橫向色差▩↟↟•、階調反應▩↟↟•、色彩反應及噪點₪☁◕•。

      與低反差 Edge SFR 規格完全相容·◕,新的標準為 ISO 12233:2014取代了2000標準·◕,解析度測試卡因為之前使用高反差測試圖容易引起出界或量度誤差·◕,也缺少漸進組別評定系統的階調反應·◕,並且只有少量功能適用於自動分析₪☁◕•。

      SineImage eSFR解析度測試卡的設計基於ISO 12233:2014 定義的低反差edge SFR規格₪☁◕•。





      目前我們都是噴墨打印製作eSFR解析度測試卡·◕,解析度測試卡增強版本是照相模式列印₪☁◕•。所有Sine Image的ISO12233:2014 eSFR解析度測試卡是完全符合ISO標準的₪☁◕•。Imatest的eSFR ISO模組提供高度自動支援檢測分析測試卡₪☁◕•。


    ISO12233:2014 eSFR解析度測試卡標準版

      ISO12233: 2014 eSFR resolution test card Standard Edition is 3: 2 aspect ratio. In order to meet more testing requirements we have added enhanced and extended versions, enhanced and expanded versions at the edge of the image to increase the performance of the box for testing, hyperbolic and color blocks. These cards are fully compliant.

      ISO12233: 2014 eSFR is similar to the low-contrast E-SFR test card produced in accordance with Section 6.1 and Appendix C of the ISO standard document. But there are a few different. Here are their different comparisons:

      (1) The 20th order OECF gray block replaces the original 16th order

      (2) The square focus pattern of the center area of the test card is at right angles (in order to increase the measurement area of the MTF), the purpose of this design is to reduce the automatic detection of edge interference.

      (3) has four focus marks, replacing the original three to help automate the area detection.

      (4) There is an additional mark on the lower left of the focus mark to detect the direction of the chart.

      This test card for the automatic eSFR ISO module, Imatest 4.0 version added this module.

      Enhanced Edition

      ISO12233:2014 eSFR解析度測試卡標準版是3:2的長寬比₪☁◕•。為了滿足更多的測試要求我們增加了增強版和擴充套件版·◕,增強版和擴充套件版在影象邊緣增加了用於測試效能的方塊·◕,雙曲線以及色塊₪☁◕•。這些圖卡是完全符合標準的₪☁◕•。

      ISO12233:2014 eSFR類似於依據ISO標準檔案的6.1章節和附錄C製作的低對比度的E-SFR測試卡₪☁◕•。但是卻又有幾點不同₪☁◕•。下面是它們的不同對比◕•▩│:





      這種測試卡用於全自動eSFR ISO 模組·◕,Imatest 4.0版本添加了這一模組₪☁◕•。


    ISO12233:2014 eSFR解析度測試卡增強型

      The enhanced version of the 2014 eSFR test card has all the features of the standard version, also the 3: 2 aspect ratio. Add six slanted squares at the edge of the image for testing performance and increased hyperbolicity for visual analysis or analysis on Imatest's hypotenuse module. Also added 16 patches. These increased areas are not covered by the standard, but do not affect compliance. The difference between the Enhanced and Standard Edition is as follows:

      (1) Six additional squares are added to the edge of the image for testing performance.

      (2) Hyperbolic curves of several spatial frequencies, similar to CIPA with reference to the ISO standard, for visual analysis or analysis of the hypotenuse module of the Imatest software.

      (3) Added 16 patches (inkjet or color LVT), color similar to the industry standard 24 color card

      This version of the resolution test card for the automatic eSFR ISO module, Imatest 4.0 version added this module.

      Extended version

      增強版的2014 eSFR測試卡有標準版的所有功能·◕,也是3:2的長寬比₪☁◕•。在影象的邊緣增加了6個傾斜的方塊用於測試效能和增加了雙曲線用於視覺分析或者在Imatest的斜邊模組上分析₪☁◕•。也增加了16個色塊₪☁◕•。這些增加的區域沒有被標準覆蓋·◕,但是並不影響符合標準₪☁◕•。增強型和標準版之間的不同如下◕•▩│:




      這一版本的解析度測試卡用於全自動的eSFR ISO模組·◕,Imatest 4.0版本添加了這一模組₪☁◕•。


    ISO12233:2014 eSFR解析度測試卡擴充套件板

      The extended version of the ISO12233: 2014 eSFR resolution test card contains all the features of the enhanced version (6 squares, hyperbolic and 16 patches), but extends to a 16: 9 aspect ratio. 16: 9 is intended for use in high-definition televisions and movies (also satisfying the camera's required 3: 2 aspect ratio). It also meets the standard.

      This version of the test card for the automatic eSFR ISO module, Imatest 4.0 version added this module.

      ISO12233: 2014 eSFR resolution test card size

      Test Card Size Standard Edition Enhanced Edition Extended Edition

      1x 200 mm x 305 mm

      (7.875 "x 12") 200 mm x 305 mm

      (7.875 "x 12") 200 mm x 365 mm

      (7.875 "x 14.5")

      2x 400 mm x 610 mm

      (15.75 "x 24") 400 mm x 610 mm

      (15.75 "x 24") 400 mm x 730 mm

      (15.75 "x 29")

      4x 800 mm x 1220 mm

      (31.5 "x 48") 800 mm x 1220 mm

      (31.5 "x 48") 800 mm x 1460 mm

      (31.5 "x 58")

      ISO12233: 2014 eSFR resolution test card using help

      There are nine tilted rectangles in the test card with a 4: 1 ratio of the OECF progressive group. The edges of the oblique rectangle can be used to test the spatial frequency response and the lateral chromatic aberration. The rectangle has all the focus assistance for manual or autofocus.

      擴充套件版的ISO12233:2014 eSFR解析度測試卡包含增強版的所有功能(6個斜方塊·◕,雙曲線和16個色塊)·◕,解析度測試卡但是比例擴充套件至16:9長寬比₪☁◕•。16:9是為了適用於高畫質電視和電影(也滿足相機所要求的3:2長寬比)₪☁◕•。它也符合標準₪☁◕•。

      這一版本的測試卡用於全自動的eSFR ISO模組·◕,Imatest 4.0版本添加了這一模組₪☁◕•。

      ISO12233:2014 eSFR解析度測試卡尺寸

    測試卡尺寸 標準版 增強版 擴充套件版
    1x 200 mm x 305 mm
    (7.875” x 12”)
    200 mm x 305 mm
    (7.875” x 12”)
    200 mm x 365 mm
    (7.875” x 14.5”)
    2x 400 mm x 610 mm
    (15.75” x 24”)
    400 mm x 610 mm
    (15.75” x 24”)
    400 mm x 730 mm
    (15.75” x 29”)
    4x 800 mm x 1220 mm
    (31.5" x 48")
    800 mm x 1220 mm
    (31.5" x 48")
    800 mm x 1460 mm
    (31.5" x 58")

      ISO12233:2014 eSFR解析度測試卡使用幫助

      測試圖卡中有九個傾斜的矩形·◕,反差比例為 4:1 應用 OECF 漸進組別·◕,斜矩形的邊可用於測試空間頻率反應及橫向色差·◕,矩形全部有對焦援助適用於手動或自動對焦₪☁◕•。


      20 級灰階OECF圖案環繞圖表中心·◕,用以測量影像系統的階調反應▩↟↟•、伽瑪▩↟↟•、白平衡及噪點特徵·◕,測量板塊放射性平均排列·◕,減低光線下降的量度誤差₪☁◕•。噪點測試系列涵蓋廣泛·◕,包括濃度▩↟↟•、場景參照 原始畫素噪點以及ISO 15739視覺噪點▩↟↟•、信噪比·◕,及動態範圍₪☁◕•。

      The 20-level gray-scale OECF pattern surrounds the center of the chart to measure the tone response, gamma, white balance and noise characteristics of the imaging system, measure the radioactive averaging of the plate,  resolution test cardand reduce the measurement error of the light drop. The noise test series covers a wide range, including concentration, scene reference to original pixel noise, and ISO 15739 visual noise, signal to noise ratio, and dynamic range.

    20 級灰階環繞圖表中心

      SineImage 額外提供兩個eSFR測試圖卡版本·◕,符合標準之外使用多餘空間最佳化及延伸測試圖卡·◕, 有額外六個傾斜的矩形測量成像區以外的銳度₪☁◕•。

      SineImage additionally provides two eSFR test card versions that meet the standard use of extra space to optimize and extend the test card, with an additional six tilted rectangles to measure the sharpness outside the imaging area.


      四個對準標誌用於自動偵測 Imatest eSFR ISO模組功能

      The four alignment marks are used to automatically detect the Imatest eSFR ISO module function



      Sixteen color blocks represent the colors of the real scene, used to analyze and present the exact or preferred color.



      According to another part of the ISO standard, four pairs of hyperbolic wedges were added to test the ultimate resolution and moire. resolution test card


      ISO12233: 2014 eSFR resolution test card enhanced version of the optimized test chart ratio of 3: 2, ISO12233: 2014 eSFR resolution test card expansion board extension test plans for 16: 9 support a wider viewing angle of the imaging system.

      解析度測試卡ISO12233:2014 eSFR解析度測試卡增強版最佳化測試圖比例為 3:2·◕,ISO12233:2014 eSFR解析度測試卡擴充套件板延伸測試圖則為16:9支援視角更寬廣的影像系統₪☁◕•。